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Here we are presenting useful and interesting lingerie accessories. Eye bands, phone covers, lace pouches to organize your small things. Band extenders, extra straps, nipple covers or even garter belts. All accessories can prove very useful in everYday (and night) situations. Eye bands can help you get some sleep anywhere you need, and they look quite pretty, aren’t they? Poches are transparent so you can easily find out what’s in them, and lets make it straight, lace pouch? How cool is that? Our phone covers are made from foam finished with cotton and embroidery applications, that’s why your phone will look cute while staying safe. Replaceable straps can be very helpful when you want to make your favourite bra a little bit more universal. Band extenders can be very helpful when you temporarily need an extra inch in your band, but don’t want to leave your favourite bra in a drawer. To sum up this category contains big bunch of useful gadgets that are worth considering while buying lingerie.