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Balconette Audrey


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Padded Ashley
Garter belt Ashley

Code: BS0835-ECR

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Ecru

Construction: Balconette FCB3

Model: 835

Composition: 61% Polyamide, 23% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 6% polyurethane

Padded balconette bra. The design of the FCB3 with detachable arms perfectly exposes the breasts. Extremely feminine and seductive bra, gives breasts a beautiful rounded shape and creates an appetizing neckline, at the same time providing the ideal support. The bowl consists of three parts connected by two vertical seams, forming the shape of a basket. The bowls are covered with ecru knitted fabric with small dots and lace edged edge hem. The inner side of the bowls is lined with 100% cotton. Back of a nice knit. The underwire sides improve the stability of the circuit and ensure that the material does not curl. The model is very comfortable and looks beautiful on the body.