Padded Ginger Art. 556

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Padded Ginger Art. 556

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Code: BS0556-SZB

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Grey, White

Construction: Padded FC4

Model: 556

Composition: 55% Polyamide, 20% polyester, 16% Cotton, 5% Spandex, 4% polyurethane

Bra We are presenting a new design in GAIA's offer! This is a very charming full cup made of stiff foam material. A special bowl with side seam reinforcement collects the breasts into the center, lifts them up, giving them a round shape. The bra bowls are covered with gray knits in fine white dots and trimmed with lace trim on the edges. The inside of the bowls is lined with 100% cotton. To increase the stability of the back of the back is divided into two parts. Three-point embroiderers with three-point regulation are available for adjusting the circumference of the three-point adjustable (95F, 90F, 85G, 80H, 75I, 70J, 65K). Particular attention is paid to the new technology of side-by-side sewing (available in all circuits). Going to meet the expectations of customers who feel discomfort due to the hailstones, we have applied the technology of sewing them. It consists in the fact that instead of one element there are two, working together. The elbows of the elastic sewn into my elastic band overlap within the tunnel. In addition, made of heavier and more flexible material, which makes it ideal for the user to use the bra at every movement of the bib, they move in accordance with the movement of the body and each other. We hope that such a solution will guarantee even greater comfort of wearing our underwear. In addition, this model is available in three widths of 12mm, 15mm and 20mm, matching the size of the w. The bust of this bra is the small bows placed on the sleeves and the middle of the bra. Shorts Comfortable shorts made of gray knitted fabric in fine dots. Legs decorate the lace trim. In the center of the shorts there were three small buttons. The right size makes them extremely comfortable to use.googletranslate