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Padded Sirene


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Semi Padded Seraphine Maxi
Brazilian Sirene

Code: BS0902-GRA

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Navy Blue

Construction: Padded FC1

Model: 902

Composition: 65% Polyamide, 18% Cotton, 12% Spandex, 5% polyurethane

The fully stiffened Sirene model with FC1 design catches the eye with an original and very interesting design. Garnet ir is a combination of color that will appeal to many a woman. Ca a, stiffened cup, middle and sides sewn from printed fabric. Back cut off, with uniform, navy blue lycra. Three small, pink bows at the interface between the arm and bowl and one in the middle. - All sizes have side underwires, which improve the stability of the circumference and prevent the material from curling up. on the lower bowl, it provides a good fit to the shape of the breast, - the lateral part of the lower bowl is placed in front of the shoulder and collects the bust inside, improves the position of the bust and makes it better supported.