Mama Art. 523

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Mama Art. 523



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Mama Art. 523

Code: BS0523-BEZ

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Beige

Construction: Mama MSS5

Model: 523

Composition: 56% Polyamide, 20% polyester, 12% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 3% polyurethane

Be this proposal for pregnant women and mothers who are feeding in a new edition. The padded bra has a bottom cup stiffened with kk foam covered from the inside with 100% cotton. The MSS5 construction collects the breasts and gives them a round shape. The bowl is a lace with a floral pattern. In order to meet the expectations of the clients, the bra's sides have been made of soft viscose stitched together in order to maintain the stability of the circuit. Viscose is natural in the knit obtained from cellulose, in touch similar to cotton. It is a fabric that breathes you and creates a nice temperature. Absorbing moisture and for this reason is especially friendly for skin. In addition, the cups are contoured with a wire that covers the breasts. Bra has a solid, tensile-resistant shoulder and a comfortable clip that allows you to unfasten and unfasten one-handed cups. The circumference can be adjusted with a double-head hook with a three-level adjustment and a three-stitch truss with three-level regulation in the largest sizes. The color works great with the skin and makes the bra almost invisible under clothing.