Semi Padded Anna Art. 506

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Semi Padded Anna Art. 506


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Inne kolory:

Semi Padded Anna Art. 506

Code: BSM506-BEZ

Collection: Maxi

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Beige

Construction: Semi Padded SSMX2

Model: 506

Composition: 48% Polyamide, 30% polyester, 10% Spandex, 9% Cotton, 3% polyurethane

Anna is a bra for ladies with unusual shapes. P stitched model with SSMX2 construction. G rn bowl is embroidery with a floral pattern. The embroidery's edge is lined with a elastic band, which results in better adhesion to the breast shape. the bottom, stiffened bowl is covered with lace fabrics. Sides were made of a high-quality microfiber with a high elastane content. In the lower part of the bowl there is a special foam, which is very thin and at the same time perfectly forms and supports the bust. Foam on the side of the body is covered with 100% cotton. The design gives breasts a natural, rounded shape. The shoulder is stretchy and very easy to touch, which increases the comfort of using the bra. Additional decorations are tiny bows when connected with a bowl. The beige color is similar to the leather color, so it fits perfectly in the form of a welcoming, light dress.googletranslate