Semi Padded Caprice Art. 782

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Semi Padded Caprice Art. 782


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Panties Caprice Maxi Art. 782
Semi Padded Caprice Maxi Art. 782
Brazilian Caprice Art. 782

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Semi Padded Caprice Art. 782

Code: BS0782-CZE

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Red

Construction: Semi Padded SS2

Model: 782

Composition: 55% Polyamide, 16% Cotton, 15% polyester, 10% Spandex, 4% polyurethane

P padded bra Caprice in red. Detachable applique and construction SS2, a round cup made of a stable tulle sewn on ta. Lower bowl and microfiber center. The back is sewn from thick tulle with delicate brocade patterns. Due to the construction, there is no lateral underwire in this model. Decorative, removable application gives you the possibility to wear a bra in two ways. The materials used make it very comfortable, it fits nicely on the body. The raised collar j collects the bust to the center and ideally round it up. The center adjoins the bridge. Elevated, slightly bowed to the line of the lower bowl, led out to the shoulder, covers the nipple. It has small red bows, one on the middle and one on each side of the shoulder, the check and the cups.