Semi Padded Seraphine Maxi Art. 903

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Semi Padded Seraphine Maxi Art. 903



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Panties Seraphine Art. 903
Padded Sirene Art. 902
Semi Padded Seraphine Art. 903

Code: BSM903-GRA

Collection: Maxi

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Navy Blue

Construction: Semi Padded SSMX5

Model: 903

Composition: 49% Polyamide, 28% polyester, 14% Cotton, 9% Spandex

P stiffened model Seraphine Maxi in navy blue with a pink pattern, construction SSMX5. Upper part of the bowl made of stable navy blue embroidery. The lower, stiffened part of the cups, the middle and the sides sewn from navy blue printed fabric. Cut-off back, made of navy blue, smooth Lycra. - A line created for ladies with fuller shapes, - the lower part of the bowl is stiffened, the upper part of the bowl is soft, - side underwires, prevent the material from curling and improve the stability of the circumference, - tightly built, so that the breasts do not fall out , - open neckline, - high center adheres to the breastbone, and the breast is well supported - the upper bowl has a lateral stiffened reinforcement collecting the breasts, thanks to which a nice neckline is created, - the combination of horizontal and vertical cut on the bowl gives the breast natural shape, and the cup adheres well to your body.