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Panties are part of undergarments that shouldn’t be hard to choose, but it’s not always that simple as you could imagine. Often badly fitted or simply to small panties can destroy even the best outfit by making itself visible under clothes. GAIA offers many types of panties such as thongs, shorts, panties, brazilians, and maxi panties that has shape wear applications for those who need extra help in shaping their bodies. It’s good to know basic principles of matching panties types with clothes that we want to wear to get the best effects possible. Thongs are the smallest ones in this case. They are basically masking only private parts and showing whole glory of your buttocks. They’ll go best beneath thin and well-fitted clothes and dresses, but keep in mind that without any support from this kind of underwear, your butt-cheeks has to be in pretty good shape to look good. Shorts on the other hand are the biggest. They should cover everything in front and in the back. Wide sides made from soft and elastic material makes them very comfortable and durable. They’ll go great with pants because their end lines up with line of buttocks. The most popular kind is called panties, they are most classic and universal of all underwear types. The cover private parts and about three quarters of butt-cheeks. Sides are relatively thin leaving freedom of movement on the sides. As we have mentioned before, panties are most universal therefore they’ll go well with everything, but they’ll go best with looser outfits. Brazilians are basically like regular panites, but are lover, wider on the sides and more delicate in the back. They are as universal as regular panties with an advantage of going well with low rise jeans. Maxi pants has highwaist and therefore extra shaping capabilities of not that perfect belly. They are really great for everyday use. In the end please remember that most important thing is to wear the right size. To small underwear will reveal itself beneath the clothes and may chaf private parts.