Semi Padded Augustina Maxi Art. 757

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Semi Padded Augustina Maxi Art. 757


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Semi Padded Augustina Art. 757
Brazilian Augustina Art. 757

Code: BSM757-ROZ

Collection: Maxi

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Pink

Construction: Semi Padded SSMX3

Model: 757

Composition: 59% Polyamide, 18% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 8% polyester, 5% polyurethane

AUGUSTINA MAXI – designed for ladies with fuller figures. Upper part of cup made of stabile embroidery. Lower part and the middle covered by printed pink fabric. Back all made of smooth, durable pink lycra. Model with bonings. Ornaments are small bows, placed on straps and in the middle.

SSMX3 construction:
A semi-padded model for women with fuller figures (sizes up to L!). The lower part of the cup is padded, while the upper part is made of embroidery or lace. This bra doesn't feature a full band, which means that both the bridge and the back panels are attached to the cups separately. The cup is profiled with an underwire that encircles the breast. Semi-coverage cut. Open neckline. High bridge. The lower cup line connects with the strap, ensuring nipple coverage A vertical cut runs through the lower cup. This model pushes the breasts to the middle, ensuring support and making them look rounder.