Soft Rebeca Maxi Art. 765

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Soft Rebeca Maxi Art. 765


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Soft Cortney Art. 764
Brazilian Cortney Art. 764
Panties Rebeca Maxi Art. 765

Code: BSM765-BRZ

Collection: Maxi

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Peach

Construction: Soft SMX1

Model: 765

Composition: 76% Polyamide, 19% Spandex, 5% polyester

Rebeca Maxi, peach nectar curls in a soft model. An interesting and unusual model of the SMX1 design designed especially for ladies with unusual breast sizes. The bowl is delicate, and the mesh is peach-colored, with decorative finishing. Lower bowl and bacon, and a plenum of interesting design. Cut back made of a loose lycra, additionally side whalebone. To adjust the circumference of the wide three-legged hooks with three-step regulation. The model uses high-quality shoulder straps that are large enough to be large in size. They are resistant to deformation and stretching. The design nicely collects, forms the bust and gives a natural shape. In the center one large bow, on the cups and shoulder bud check one small peach bow.googletranslate