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PHOTOGRAPHY Capturing moments, memories, faces and emotions. Creating new worlds and new desires. Showing the world as it really is, or on the contrary - as it will never be. Photography has great power. We have no doubts about that. That is why we have created our new colorful PHOTOGRAPHY socks for those who, in order to capture a good frame, are able to spend a lot of time and endure a lot. And for those who have made photography a passion for life. But also for those who just take pictures - the way they like and the way they feel. Not always great equipment. Sometimes only by phone. After all, it is not about having a camera from the highest rank. Sometimes it is more important to have something and someone to capture in a photo during a Sunday walk or a trip to the forest. After all, good photography is one that conveys emotions. For example, joy on the face and delight in the eyes when looking at colorful socks by MORE. googletranslate

    Code: MORE-017078

    Producent: No

    Color: Zieleń Photography (Green)

    Construction: Women's Socks No

    Composition: 68% Bawełna, 16% Poliamid, 14% Polipropylen, 2% Elastan