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TEA TIME You can, for several months of the year, I don't think about her at all. You can answer the question "Teas?" he raises his eyebrow, asking what, and is surprised how it can be drunk at 30 degrees outside. But the taste, smell and qualities of (warming!) Teas have something to do with them that as soon as autumn appears on the horizon, and the warm days are replaced by cooler ones, the thought returns like a boomerang. And you remember the best tea served when grandmothers or children drank with two or three tablespoons of sugar. And you go looking for things that will help recreate this taste of the "best tea". You give me d, ginger, cardamom, raspberry juice, lemon, wild goose. And with time, you even feel that you've finally managed to create this perfect warming brew. Add to your favorite tea (for feet, not a cup;)) our colorful TEA TIME socks, which we create in Poland from start to finish, and you will feel that no cold morning or evening is terrible for you. SK AD: cotton 76% polyamide 16% polypropylene 6% elastane 2% googletranslate

    Code: MORE-026078

    Producent: No

    Color: J.Zieleń Tea Time (Green)

    Construction: Women's Socks No

    Composition: 77% Bawełna, 17% Poliamid, 7% Polipropylen, 3% Elastan