Swimwear One-Piece Baltica Art. 006

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Swimwear One-Piece Baltica Art. 006


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Swimwear Panties Baltica Art. 006
Swimwear Bra Baltica Art. 006
Swimwear Bra Baltica Art. 006

Code: KKJ006-GRA

Collection: Swim

Type: Swimwear

Simple Color: Navy Blue

Construction: One-Piece FC2

Model: 006

Composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex

A one-piece Baltica dressing gown in a beautiful dark blue color with a decilat pattern. Stitched FC2 bra. The use of appropriate cup sizes and the use of thin foam make it fit the body and support the breasts, underwire shaping support the bust. We used unique material for production: - regenerated ECONYL nylon, this is the type of yarn the VITA material is made of, which is manufactured by the Italian company CARVICO, this material is recycled and turns the waste problem into an ecological mode , - thanks to technology, the material is extremely durable, and at the same time very thin and well covering. This allows for comfortable use, without worrying about rubbing or showing through, it is not pilling, - the innovative structure of the fabric allows us to define it as TWICE more resistant to chlorine, sunlight (UPV 50+) and cream for sunbathing, - an additional advantage of our swimsuits are materials that have a bacteriostatic and hydrophilic barrier (do not absorb water), - quick-drying material does not leave an unpleasant feeling of moisture on the body.