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Size chart

It is very important to make a proper measurement when determining the size. We have to do it while wearing a soft bra or on naked body.

  • The band size should be measured very precisely, so it is crucial to hold your breath. We cut about 3-5 cm from our measurment.
  • For the bust size we measure the perimeter of the nipples, slightly leaning forward. The centimeter is supposed to be loose - don't squeeze yourself.
  • The difference between bust and band size measurements will indicate the size of the cup.

Bras and corsets

Bra size - How to determine your band size?

Circuit under your bust is a size of your bra.

Our band size 65 70 75 80 85 9095100105110
Measurment (cm)63-6768-7273-7778-8283-8788-9293-9798-102103-107108-112
UK band size 30 32 34 36 38 4042444648

Bra size - How to determine your cup size?

Difference between band and bust sizes gives your cup size.

4,7-5,5 incup Acup A
5,5-6,6 incup Bcup B
6,6-7,1 incup Ccup C
7,1-7,9 incup Dcup D
7,9-8,6 incup Ecup DD
8,6-9,4 incup Fcup E
9,4-10,2 incup Gcup F
10,2-11 incup Hcup FF
11-11,8 incup Icup G
11,8-12,6 incup Jcup GG
12,6-13,4 incup Kcup H
13,4-14,2 incup Lcup HH


Knickers sizeSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
Hips circumference cm92-9696-100100-104104-108108-112112-116116-120


Size38 - S40 - M42 - L44 - XL46 - 2XL48 - 3XL
Chest circumference (cm)83-9091-9798-107108-117118-127128-137
Waist circumference (cm)62-6970-7778-8586-9697-106107-116
Hips circumference (cm)92-9696-100100-104104-108108-112112-116
Height (cm)164-170


Size38 - S40 - M42 - L44 - XL46 - 2XL
Chest circumference (cm)86-8990-9394-9798-102103-107
Waist circumference (cm)70-7374-7778-8182-8586-90
Hips circumference (cm)96-9899-101102-104105-108109-112
Wzrost (cm)164-170