Moulded Cleopatra Art. 696

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Moulded Cleopatra Art. 696



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Code: BS0696-BIA

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: White

Construction: Moulded M10

Model: 696

Composition: 74% Polyamide, 12% Cotton, 7% Spandex, 5% polyester, 2% polyurethane

Cleopatra is a stiffened model in a classic white color. The M10 design on the back, or back, is directly connected to the center of the bowl. Bowl contoured with a wire that covers the breast. Ca a bowl of thermoformed foam. medium height, lacy center. Neckline in the shape of a tulip. Perfectly exposes breasts. Sides with lace and, in addition, side whalebone add stability to the circumference. One has a bow and is decorated with a center of the bra and gives it a delicate look.googletranslate