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For bedtime we suggest something special, our nightdresses.It’s a beautiful satin substitute for good old pajamas. Nightdress can be long, to the knee, or short in a set with briefs, every proposition is very comfortable and doesn’t impede your moves during sleep. Light material, from which they are made, lace applications and cute small amber that decorates the cleavage were mixed to emphasize users femininity even when she’s going to sleep. Classic pajamas have lost their style, it’s time to replace them with new, great looking, and above all very comfortable at night. You can look great even during sleep. GAIA as a producer of underwear has a knowledge about materials that will be best for nightwear. Our dresses are made from high quality materials that won’t harm your skin. Colors and cuts are tamed so elegant women should be satisfied. Gentle finishing, look-through laces and delicate materials makes perfect match. Our Nightwear is timeless.