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If you are looking for a bra, look no further, at GAIAs online store you will find product that matches your expectations. Thanks to variety of types, constructions and models offered buy our online shop, should result in finding the right one. At our site you will find big sizes in beautiful colors as well as unconventional sizes in which big cup aligns with small frame and otherwise. Soft, semi-padded, padded, moulded, bras for feeding moms and maxi (the big ones) we are offering those kind of bras. Materials from which our bras are made are highest quality. Our bras are made from cotton, high quality synthetic fibers, laces and embroideries. Our experienced team of designers and constructors are working hard to make our lingerie very comfortable, beautiful, sensual and feminine. Variety of colors, patterns and materials makes our lingerie one of a kind. Every breast is different, in consequence universal bra does not exist. Knowing that we have created wide range of constructions to fit as many type of breasts as possible, to simply let you find your new favorite bra in our store. Our goal is pretty simple. We want convince women that bras are not painful necessity but beautiful and firstly comfortable companion. We want women struggling with bigger breasts to get relief thanks to our bras. We are introducing new technical features and high tech materials to create everyday underwear as well as lingerie for special occasions.