Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594

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Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594


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Panties Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Maxi Art. 594

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Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594
Semi Padded Sandy Art. 594

Code: BS0594-CZE

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Red

Construction: Semi Padded SS10

Model: 594

Composition: 51% Polyamide, 25% polyester, 12% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 2% polyurethane

P stiffened Sandy model in fiery red. SS10 construction, raised center and bent cup. The cups are made of beautiful, delicate and warm, elastic lace, the bottom part of the bowl is stiffened with foam and the center is cotton. To ensure the stability of the circumference, the back consists of a two piece, one of which is stable and the other is made of a woven elastic. The raised cup of the lower bowl covers the nipple. The design collects the breasts, gives them a round shape and slightly raises them. Bra perfectly fits the silhouette, rounded and supports the bust and is extremely convenient to use. Appear about two small bows at the meeting point between buds and bowls and one in the center of the bra.googletranslate