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Biustonosz Soft-Balconette Kinga (003)



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A soft, delicate balconette model in a beautiful, expressive fuchsia color. Kinga is a bra made in the SB6 construction, combining non-stretch embroidery and tulle. The entire back is made of thicker, elastic tulle. - The vertical cut used on the cup makes the model beautifully lift and shape the bust, - well-exposed neckline, looks beautiful with styles with a larger cut, - the cup combines delicate, light materials that are pleasant to the skin, - no side underwires, the circumference adapts perfectly to the body. googletranslate

    Code: GA-MH-BS0-003-CZE-SB6

    Producent: GAIA

    Color: Fuksja (Pink)

    Construction: Soft;Balconette SB6

    Composition: 60% Poliester, 32% Poliamid, 8% Elastan



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    Kolor fason ALE błędny był opis stanika i jest z fiszbinami a miał być bez to SKANDAL
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    Biustonosz jest pięknie uszyty, idealny w każdym calu i co do szczegòłu, pasuje doskonale układa się pięknie