Soft Dakota Art. 579

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Soft Dakota Art. 579


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Code: BS0579-GRE

Collection: Intimo

Type: Bra

Simple Color: Ecru, Navy Blue

Construction: Soft SB6

Model: 579

Composition: 84% Polyamide, 16% Spandex

Bra New, extremely sexy, soft bra in Gaia Collection! Vertical cut bowl creates bust, gently lifts it up. Thanks to this treatment, the neckline is beautifully exfoliated and tempting, and a woman wearing such a bra feels very sexy and at the same time comfortable. Elegant two-tone embroidery in the tone of dark blue beer from which the bowl is made, is also eye-catching. The back of the bra is made of delicate tulle in navy blue and milk, which adds a slight addition to the model. The bra has no lateral whalebone. To adjust the perimeter of the three-point adjustable hem. You can add a decorative shoulder strap in 12mm and 14mm widths. Bra is decorated with these three bows placed at the junction of the bench and the bowl and in the middle. Figs Elegant brazilian panties are made of delicate tulle in navy blue and milk in combination with vermic embroidery. Such good material gives white light and makes a woman feel sexy and sexy. In addition, the charm adds a decorative bow in front of the panties. You are made without the use of rubber bands on the legs, which makes them invisible under the clothes.googletranslate