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Biustonosz Soft Tonia (1253)

Biustonosz Soft Tonia (1253)



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Soft white bra with S16 construction. The Tonia model uses a structure that collects the breasts and supports them. The upper cup is made of stable tulle trimmed with tape, and the lower cup is made of elastic lace. The back of the bra is made of flexible, elastic microfiber. - The structure supports the bust very well, - the soft materials have been specially selected so as not to irritate the skin, - the side part of the cup is made of a stable knitted fabric, which serves the entire function of supporting and gathering the breasts, - the structure nicely gathers and shapes the breasts, thanks to which additional vertical cut of the cup, - the model uses wires surrounding the breast (underwires) and side underwires supporting the circumference, - widely spaced straps - open neckline, medium height. googletranslate

    Code: GA-SS24-BS0-1253-BIA-S16

    Producent: GAIA

    Color: Biały (White)

    Construction: Soft S16

    Composition: 64% Poliamid, 20% Poliester, 16% Elastan



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