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TRAVELS Sometimes what is not there is what is most appreciated. It so happened that the TRAVELS pattern was created in the period when the possibility of free travel was limited or forbidden (depending on the means of transport). As a result, what seemed obvious until recently (a trip to the other end of the world, or at least to a neighboring country), ceased to exist. It turned out, however, that in this situation you can also find advantages. Because instead of planning another trip to India or Brazil (there will be time for that!), You can focus on getting to a small village where we collected raspberries as a child. Or, finally, visit your aunt and admire the cornflower field. You can also discover your own city. Little things, in a time when everything is possible, are not always valued. So sometimes it stops well. It can be concluded that it is not the destination that is important, but the path itself. And this one does not have to lead to Tokyo or Paris. Sometimes it is enough if it leads to a corner outside the city. googletranslate

    Code: MORE-020078

    Producent: No

    Color: C.Jeans Travels (Blue)

    Construction: Women's Socks No

    Composition: 68% Bawełna, 16% Poliamid, 14% Polipropylen, 2% Elastan